2013. október 19., szombat

Kent School of English by Péter Horváth

So far I've enjoyed my work experience at KSE. The first week was more difficult, since I was new to the office and also I hadn't done office work before. The other two weeks were becoming easier day by day as I started getting used to the office. A think I'm going to miss working here.

2013. október 18., péntek

Intolarent Wife by Dávid Jákob

I work at The Intolerant Wife. The name may sounds funny, but intolerant means food intolerancy. We serve normal food, and food for intolerant, allergic, and diabetic people. We have these gluten and dairy free stuff, and of course vegetarian meals.

I work there from 9 am to 4 pm. at the first week I had to learn a lot, but on my second week everything was fine. I could make everything better and faster day by day. Basically I made the hot drinks, like coffees, hot chocolates, and teas, I had to wash the dishes and make the tables. Later I could make some meals like salads, salsa, panini and chop things up. When it gets busy, it gets stressful. You have to do everything fast and pay attention at the same time, because if you give the wrong food to the wrong people they can even die. My colleagues were helpful and nice. I could learn a lot. My boss was stressed sometimes, but I could get used to it. He told me a lot about these business things. I really enjoyed this three week work experience there even if it was stressful and annoying sometimes, but this is how the work goes.

2013. október 17., csütörtök

Kent School of English by Klaudia Pirisi

I work at the Kent School of English which offers a variety of English courses for speakers of other languages. I work in the office with six other work experience students.
Our task includes printing, laminating, photocopying, preparing materials, collecting the class lists, accompanying students on their activities. Sometimes we help doing the tea breaks, we go to the post office for stamps or to the railway station to collect the train tickets for the students. Our boss is John Hetterley, Activity Assistant manager. He is a kind and funny guy and he’s always there to help if we don’t know how to do something.

Although we have a lot of work to do each day, I really enjoy working at KSE. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work here again next year.

2013. október 16., szerda

Traditional Pub Games by Boglárka Oszoli

14th October 2013

On our last Monday’s evening we went to the Breadstaw Mill. Most of us couldn’t drink alcohol, but we could experience the English pubs’ atmosphere. Some people played darts others played pool and somebody just sat next to the fireplace as it was cold outside. The pool wasn’t new after the snooker evening, and our nice teachers told us the rules of the darts, so the game started. First, we just practised. The first game was won by Dorka, and the last one was won by Brigi. I don’t know why and how, but at the end of the night we just had two darts. Maybe an accident happened. 

Kent School of English by Lilla Szives

I work at the Kent School of English which is a language school in private ownership that teaches English to speakers of other languages. I do some office work there: printing, copying, laminating, changing the daily program for the bosses, checking and keeping the contracts up-to-date, accompanying the students to their activities.

My boss is John Hetterley, who is the Activity Assistant manager, is a very helpful and kind man. He answers thoughtfully and caringly when we ask him something we don’t understand. I have six co-workers; they are all here for work experience. There are quite a lot of things to do at KSE. We have to prepare the paperwork for the classes in the mornings, collect the class lists, sort the students daily to other classrooms etc. Later on, in the afternoons, we have to print, type, prepare the materials for tomorrow morning. I like working here because I am fond of office work and my co-workers are very kind. I do hope I will have the opportunity to come back again.

English in Margate by Daniella Szabó

English in Margate is a British Council accredited English language school for adults on the south-east coast of England. It is set in an attractive, historic building which dates back to the early 19th century and is situated in a quiet, elegant square in the town centre. The language school offers modern, comfortable classrooms, all equipped with TV and DVD and a multimedia self-study centre. It has a cellar club – the Hawley Club, with free internet café, bar, piano, pool table, table football and flat-screen TVs for news , films and music. The school also has a minibus which they can use on their weekly excursions. On the 1st floor there are offices and a homelike staffroom where the staff can spend their breaks.

I work in the main office. Usually, I work on the computer and do office works or help for the staff in photocopying, printing, scanning or laminating. The main job of work experiencers is to maintain the database.