2013. szeptember 30., hétfő

Culture Quiz 
by Daniella Szabo

26th September 2013

On Thursday at 8 pm we met at KSE for the KSE Culture Quiz. They tested how much we knew about the British way of life. KSE teachers hid approximately 50 pieces of paper in the school and we had to gather the information to answer the questions. We were in groups of 2, 3, 4 or 5. Actually our group won the competition. :) We got sweets as a prize. We had fun.

Barn Dance 
by Marcell Zeitouni

25th September

On Wednesday, after arriving back from Canterbury, we had a little time to rest, and at 8 o'clock we went to the evening activity called “barn dance” in the Pavillion. We didn't really know what it was going to be but we were looking forward to it. Everyone had to find a partner and then after a bit of rehearsal the music started. There was a band and the singer instructed us in a funny and rhythmical voice. He told us all the moves, like “left hand turn”, “right hand turn” and “dosie-do” and so on. We danced for an hour and then we had a little break, but after fifteen minutes the dance continued. When the break ended, everyone had the chance to show their national dance. So many students did that. The second part began shortly after, and at the end everyone was really tired and went straight home. It was a cool evening and we all enjoyed the “barn dance”.

Canterbury Tales
by Dorka Kovacs

25th September

On Wednesday we went to Canterbury. We met at 13.15 and got on the bus. It didn't take a long time to get there. When we arrived, we were separated into 2 groups and Tim and Eve, two teachers from KSE, guided us through the historic town centre. We walked round the famous sights e.g. The Ducking Stool which was used in the Middle Ages for finding out who is a witch or disciplining intolerant wives by immersing them in the water. Later we met the other group outside the Cathedral. The visit to the Cathedral was really amazing, we saw the Cloister, the place where Thomas Beckett was murdered and the splendid gothic architecture really took our breaths away. 
After visiting the Cathedral we got some free time to shop or do something else. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to walk around the shops as we had to return to the coach. Canterbury is a beautiful city, I'd like to see it again. 

Tuesday night fever
by Csaba Modos

24th September

On Tuesday night we went to the disco. It was fairly good. We left early.

by Boglarka Oszoli

23rd September

On the evening of the first school day, we went bowling. We can definitely say, that it was a relaxing night. We went to the AMF Bowling Alley by bus. For most of us, that was the first meeting with that type of sport. In spite of these, my talented classmate's, Brigi's first throw was a strike. Bob also had a very good throw, he threw his ball accidentally in the alley next to him.
It turned out that the boy who played next to us, was from Transylvania and we spoke a little bit in Hungarian. Everybody enjoyed bowling. Maybe the playing time had expired too soon...

Marci tried to play with a minion rush game, but unfortunately he did not have enough luck to win the prize.

KSE special course by Réka Harmati

23rd to 27th September

We arrived late at night on Sunday but we were excited about the next day. On Monday we had a test. After this test five different groups were created. The 5th one was the best with the highest level of language skills and most of us were either in group 4 or 5. So KSE teachers were satisfied with our level of English.
On the following day we practised and completed some tasks from our book. After that we spoke about different things like the vowels, Henry VIII, the word stress. It was a little bit challenging for us, however, I think we could benefit from the course a lot.

In my opinion it was a good week, we learned useful things and expressions, and I’m happy to take part in this trip.

by Rita Gyuris

22nd September

After the short flight our trip continued to Cambridge. Before we went on a punt ride, we had some free time to look around in the town.
A young girl from the university drove the punt and she told us some interesting and exciting things about the city and the unis’ history. Than we got some free time, so we could shop. After all that we went to Broadstairs.

We had a great time and we found that Cambridge is a beautiful city.

Buy the ticket, take the ride 
by Vivien Repka

22nd September 2013

On 22nd September everybody had to wake up early, because we had to be at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest around 4:30 am. It wasn't really hard to get up because I was so excited! One month in England!
It was the first time to many people that they have travelled by aeroplane, so I think they were a bit nervous. After check-in we just couldn't wait to arrive to arrive to our new host family.

First, we went to Cambridge and after that the 3-hour coach trip started to Broadstairs. We passed through an enormous 6-lane bridge over the River Thames. The view was marvellous and frightening at the same time. People drive really fast here in Britain, coach drivers are no exception. But we arrived safe and sound and the host families were there in the car park to pick us up so we were introduced to them and the group split up and dispersed in the town to spend the first exciting evening in Broadstairs.

2013. szeptember 26., csütörtök

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away Mr. Gabor Gere, /(p)resident of Hungary/ had the idea of visting Broadstairs the town of cherished memories once again. So he plucked a hollow reed and made a rural pen to write his EU tender so that every child (in our school Károlyi) may joy to hear.

Almost half a year had passed, until the news broke fast, that off we go as planned, the feeling could not be compared. We'll be in Broadstairs the seaside wonder, where our hearts may grow fonder. So we started preparation, and fought all the red tape in our nation, and embarked on our mission,  which is the collision and interaction of cultures without getting hurt by a pigeon.

or sea gull