2015. október 30., péntek

My worklpace: Marks&Spencer by Tamás Hokker and Márton Varga-Szabó and Dorina Kovácsi

My work placement for the work experience was Marks & Spencer. There are several sections I could work at, and usually I could choose from them. These were foods, menswear, womanswear, café, home, and beauty. I've tried nearly all of them, and my favourite ones were café and menswear. The employees are very kind and understanding. If I hadn't liked a job because it was boring, they have tried their best and mostly managed to give me a more exciting one. I liked the café because I could practice understanding people in spite of the loud noise (and because I'm interested in hospitality). Menswear was good, because people were very talkative. I mean the costumers and the employees as well. I am happy I was sorted to M&S.

When we got the details about where we were going to work I was really excited. I was very glad when it turned out that I would be working at Marks and Spencer. I was always wondering how a big store like this could be this tidy and well organised. On my first day everything seemed to be a mess but as I got into the machine more I realised that everything was planned. The store has 5 main sections: foods (the supermarket), menswear, womenswear, beauty and coffe shop. Every employee works at one section but by work experience I had the opportunity to try all sections. There was a sixth job to do called operations which deals with incoming products. I liked the last one the most and I am so happy to work here.

My workplacement, the Marks&Spencer My workplacement is located near to Broadstairs, in a smaller shopping center called, Westwood cross. We have to be there at 10 everyday with four of my group mates. The place where we work is changing everyday, we are rotating between the departments, for example, I've already worked at womenswear, menswear, kidswear, foodhall and at beauty, which is my favourite. I also worked in the cafe which was soo busy that you can never be bored there. Our duties are, filling the shelves up with stock, pulling the products forward, or sometimes putting out new products, what I always enjoy. Everybody is smiling here, they are very kind and helpful with us. I feel soo lucky with my workplacement.

Our workplace: B&M store by Petra Sáreczky, Orsolya Rácz and Nikolett Kazareczky

More than two weeks ago we were excited because we didn't know where we are going to spend 3 weeks working. Luckily we're working at the same place: the B&M store.
It sells everything. Literally. You can find toys, food, drinks and household things there.
Usually we spend our time on Westwood Cross but unfortunatelly not with shopping. We prefer spending time cleaning the store's shelves instead of shopping. We spend some time doing useful things like packing delivery items. It's harder than cleaning but more enjoyabe so we prefer doing that.

If we have to clean the whole store, we are doing this together but if we have to unpack things it's just two of us because the third person does the pricing with the gun (no, we are not shooting customers even if they are rude or weird somethimes).
Three of us had the chance to look behind the scenes in the B&M store and I can tell that our English is better than ever and our approach has changed a lot while we worked here.

To sum up we love to work here because our colleagues are really kind, helpful and friendly. We talk and laugh with them a lot. Some of them are like friends for us and we don't want to leave them.
But we weren't just spending time having fun. We learned loads besides English during our time here like respecting the workers in the supermarket because they work a lot and their job is quite hard.

2015. október 27., kedd

Drama workshop 2 - by Fanni Mohácsi

Drama night part 2
We had the same feeling before the second drama night as before the first. We couldn't believe that this night can be as good as the first drama night and everyone was really tired. But luckily it was great. In the beginning for my team it was really difficult to find out something, however our Hungarian and the Kent School of English teachers helped us and we created a very strange and unique story. This night became better because we had more time to prepare and to perform them, consequently, the performances were also better. Click on the links below to view our performances.

Drama workshop by Fanni Mohácsi

Before our first drama night most of the people in our group had no idea what big fun the drama night can be. Firstly, it was strange that we are able to make a short, good performance with a few props and with our imagination. We started creating the story and let all the inhibitions go. We made great performances and what is the most important, we enjoyed ourselves. Videos!!!!!

Cinema 2 by Fanni Mohácsi

This time our group watched the film titled Pan at the cinema in Ramsgate. The movie is antecendent to the tale Peter Pan and it shows how Peter Pan and the other kids have goten to neverland. The movie was full of intersting characters like Blackbeard who was played by Hugh Jackman and the young captain Hook who actually has the same charatceristics as Han Solo in Star Wars. Furthermore it was eventful and the spectacle was fascinating. 
But we haven't got answers for some important questions which come up in anyone's mind who had seen Peter Pan before.
This movie was a bit divisive in our group but I liked it. 

2015. október 22., csütörtök

My workplace: The Co-operative Food in Broadstairs by Dóra Trombitás

I work in the Co-operative Food, which is a medium-sized grocery store chain. They mainly sell food, drinks and health care products. The customers' age vary, they are mainly either elderly people, or students of the Kent School of English, but most of them are regulars.
I work here from 10am to 2pm and I usually work by myself or with a collegue of mine. My tasks include re-arranging the milk bottles so that the ones with the longer expiry date are in the back, filling up the shelves and cleaning up. I also help customers when they can't find something, at first I found it difficult but the more time I spend here, the better I'm getting at it.

2015. október 20., kedd

London trip by Dóra and Noémi

We met at 8 to begin our first journey to London. Everyone was thrilled because most of us have never been in the capital city of the UK. After a 2 hour ride we finally arrived by coach. Everyone was a bit disappointed because the outskirt where we went through didn’t look like as we expected as it was quite dirty and there were a lot of frightening people. The bus stopped by the River Thames and we took a walk and admired the historical Palace of Westminster, the enormous London Eye and the breath-taking Big Ben. After it, we visited the British Museum which was really fascinating, we spent a few hours there because there were so many amusing exhibits. Then we just had some spare time, we formed small groups so that we wouldn’t get lost. Most of us wandered on the streets or went shopping. Later on we met at Piccadilly Circus where we got into a zombie procession, some of us were very scared because their costumes were too realistic. Then we just walked back through Trafalgar Square to our bus and we all fell asleep.