2016. október 31., hétfő

Work experience in The Charles Dickens by Fruzsina Balázs

I can say I am pretty lucky with my workplace since I got the job I wanted and exactly where I wanted.  I am working in the Charles Dickens restaurant and pub which is really well known here. It is located just in the seafront so I guess it is not needed to deeply discribe the view. This may brings a lot of guest in but don't forget about all the programs they organise. It is not suprising why it is so popular. They are always full even on Christmas. Working there is such a pleasure. I have never thought I am going to like my job as much as this. The staff is so lovely and helpful. On my first days they were patient and understanding. Just from the beginning we have been talking a lot and it was fantastic to see how interested they were and wanted to get to know me. There is never a dull moment with them.  My job is quite easy. Being a waitress is not hard since I have experience in it. But talking with the guests and making a relationship between us are my favourites. It is always good putting people in good mood, getting to know them and all these things. It is so funny that already plenty of them recognize me and smile at me when I give them their drink or food.  All in considered, I really like my job and could not be happier with it.  I am glad I am working for Charles Dickens and lucky to have the opportunity to meet all these people in the staff. They even asked me to come back after school and work for them. I seriously will think it over. 

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