2016. október 31., hétfő

Work experience in Marks&Spencer Food hall by Flóri, Marci

"My work placement is Marks and Spencer. Which is a big supermarket near to Broadstairs at Westwood Cross. It's really different from the Hungarian one it has more sections just like food, beauty, men's wear women's wear, cafè and kid's wear. I work at the food hall with Marci and our job is to refill the shelves with products which are out of stock. At first it was hard to understand the people, but after the second day i got used to their speed and accent and now we can help them too, because we know where are the products they search. We work 5 hours every day, but we have a one hour lunch break. I like to work here, there's only one thing I miss the music."

"My work experience takes place in Marks and Spencer, it's a bit different from the Hungarian store, because it's much larger and has a lot more departments. Clothing, Beauty,Gifts, Cafetaria and Foods. I work in the food department with Flórián. We usually have to fill up the shelves from green trays and sort them by date, or tidy up the shelves. At the beginning it was quite difficult, but after the first few days, we knew where we can find most of the things and with that knowledge we could, help some costumers out. I personally like the place, because it's relaxed and easy. The only problem for me is that it's quite cold in the shop."

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