2016. november 1., kedd

Work experience in Churchill Tavern by Bettina Harsányi

I work at Churchill Tavern which is a seafront pub and restaurant situated in the heart of Ramsgate. To be honest, I was a bit anxious yet excited when I got to know my work placement but now I know all the worrying was for nothing since I enjoy every moment of my job. The staff, including the manager as well, has been very friendly and helpful since the beginning, moreover, the customers are also kind and understandable towards me. In the beginning, I was afraid people would have difficulties to understand me and/or the other way around but surprisingly, as I got used to how things work and people's accents (there's a college near by therefore a lot of students come in at lunchtime whose mother tongue isn't English so to be fair it was more difficult for me to understand them than the British) everything seems to be easier. What I find really rewarding and a bit funny is that when I talk with customers and at some point they realise I'm not British, they get surprised and compliment on my English. Also, I love chatting with regulars and how open-minded and eager to get to know me. The same goes for me, too, because listening to their stories is amazing. Moving on to the serious part, my duties include basically everything a waitress could deal with at a pub such as serving customers, bringing food out, clearing tables, polishing glasses and the cutlery, tapping ales and beer, handling the till and so on. In conclusion, I feel extremely lucky working here in such a fantastic atmosphere and I couldn't be more delighted. I swear, I wake up with a smile on my face in the mornings since I don't mind going to work at all. I do hope, I'll find a job as enjoyable as this one in the future, too.

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