2016. november 1., kedd

Work experience in Suzanne's by Adrienn Ardai

I work in Suzanne’s, a little souvenir shop on the sea front. First I wasn’t satisfied with this job, because I wanted to work in a pub or something like that. But now I love this place. Marilyn and Sally, the ladies who I work with are really kind and lovely women. They are patient and always help me when I’m in trouble. The first week was very, very quiet and boring, because there was just a few costumers. This week was busier, fortunately, because this week is half-term break. In autumn souvenir shops are not so busy, these are more a summer enterprises. Marilyn told me, in the summer it is very, very busy; once there were about 70 students inside. I enjoy serving the costumers. I learn many, many new thing about people, money, company and of course my English evolves. I learnt how to use the cash register and serve people. First it was complicated for me, but I learned it soon. Beside this, I have to be kind with people (even if they are rude), ask questions from them (e.g. Would you like a bag? etc.); sometimes I have to clean or tidy. It is not so tiring, I think this is the best for me. Next week I’m going to work in KSE, because Suzanne’s will close in winter.

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